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Medical Professional and Stetoscope

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Are the Appraisers?

 The appraisers who review the submitted portfolios are nurses credentialed in genetics with many years of experience in clinical genetics.  They are awaiting the submission of portfolios.  


Q. How long before I know the results?  

Review time is approximately three months after the submission deadline, once all of the materials have been uploaded for final submission.  Please contact us at if you have any questions or need details regarding the review time.  

NPCC supports Genetic Nurses and we want you to know that we will continue to provide professional credentials.   


Q.  How long will it take to receive the access code to upload my documents for review? 

A.   Immediately following initial submission and payment, you will receive an email that provides instructions on how to access your account on our website. You may store your documents while you work on your portfolio here. 


Q.  What if all of my requirements are not completed but I want to get started working on this credential?  

A.  Once you gain access to your account on our site, you will have up to 12 months to upload and submit your final documents for review.  Documents can be uploaded and stored for future use and downloads, for up to 5 years. 

For portfolio review, you must submit your entire portfolio documents prior to either of the designated deadline dates over a 12-month period.  You can upload the documents within your account anytime prior to final submission (deadlines being for final submission).


Q. What kind of pharmacology continuing education will count for pharmacogenomic contact hours and where can I find more information about pharmacogenomic courses? 

A.  Pharmacology CE credits are required. We encourage pharmacogenomics credits as much as possible, but non-genomic pharmacology credits are acceptable. Many pharmacogenomic courses are offered for continuing education.  A number of courses are listed under the Resources tab on this website; or,  search online for "pharmacogenomic continuing education courses," and identify an option that is convenient for you.  Be certain that the course you attend has contact hours that have been accredited for continuing education by one of the following: 

     -Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)

     -Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), 

     -American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) 


Q.  I have an expiring genomic credential from another organization.  

A. NPCC may recognize the genomic credential from other credentialing groups. Please contact so that we can confirm your ability to renew with us.


Q.  How can I have my credential verified if required by my employer or the State Board of Nursing?  

A.  Institutional verifications are $40 per request.  Submit the request to and include the credentialed nurse's last name and initial of first name, the credential number from the original certificate, an address to mail the verification and a phone number (we must have a phone number.) An invoice will be generated for payment and the verification will be mailed to the requested office or organization.


Q.  What if I have other questions that are not answered on the NPCC website or in the available downloads?

A.  For the most rapid response please send an email to

Please note: Due to unexpected circumstances the 3 month review time for submissions may need to be extended. Applicants will be notified in advance.

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