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Clinical Genomics Nurse (CGN)

The Clinical Genomics Nurse credential (CGN), is offered to nurses with a baccalaureate degree (BSN) or higher, in nursing who practice in any healthcare setting where genomic concerns arise.
  • Documentation of competence and clinical expertise based upon the “Scope and Standards of Genetics/Genomic Clinical Nursing Practice” as established by the American Nurses Association (April, 2016)

  • Recognition of ability to provide specialty genomic health care by professional colleagues and consumers

  • Pride in accomplishment of advanced practice knowledge and skills in genomic health care

Benefits of CGN Credential

More details about the role of a
Clinical Genomics Nurse


  • Document family histories, including pedigrees

  • Perform genetic focused health assessments

  • Deliver genomic related plans of care and carry out health care interventions

  • Provide supportive counseling and make referrals for genetic evaluation and genetic counseling

  • Provide genomic health teaching

The CGN is awarded upon successful submission of the electronic portfolio and completion of the credentialing process indicating an acceptable level of knowledge of genomics and clinical practice standards in Genomic Nursing. Renewal of accreditation is awarded to nurses holding a current genomic credential and meeting requirements established by the NPCC.

The portfolio submission for the CGN credential requires focused time to write four (4) case studies, plus submission of all the required documentation.


Of note, a supervisor letter is required, so please be certain to give them time to write the letter and return to you prior to the deadline

INITIAL requirements for the CGN credentials

  • Current active RN license

  • BSN (or higher)

  • Nurses with a MSN but do not practice as an APRN

  • Current CV

  • Transcripts of all education related to genetics, both graduate and undergraduate

  • Specialty practice clinical hours: ​

    • CGN 750 hr/3 years

    • Continuing Education in genomic content within the past 3 years: 

      • 30 CEUs/CGN

  • Minimum of three (3) professional development genetics or genomics-related activities within the previous 3 years

  • Case study exemplars:

    • Initial Applications - Four (4) case studies within the past 3 years; the case studies should include a summary of the nurse's encounter with a client regarding genetic assessment and care.

    • Case studies are typically 3-5 typewritten pages.

    • Four (4) case studies that address the following four areas of clinical practice, with one focusing on each topic:​

      • Legal/Ethical considerations​

      • Collaboration with other professionals

      • Challenging client interaction

      • Unexpected findings

RENEWAL requirements for the CGN credentials

  • Current active RN license

  • BSN (or higher)

  • Nurses with a MSN but do not practice as an APRN

  • Current CV; unofficial transcript of genetics courses required for initial application.

    • Employment - include the positions held over the past 5 years. Include percent of time devoted to genetic care at each position.​

    • Accomplishments over the past 5 years. Begin with most recent.

      • Membership in professional organizations and duties/offices held​

      • Publications/Presentations

      • Research and Grants written (include if funded)

      • Description of any activities or accomplishments not included in other sections of the application. Examples might include attendance at national or regional conferences, awards, honors, promotions, commendations, coaching, mentoring, policy or legislative development, professional organizations, participation in media or software development, etc.

  • Current genetics credential

  • Specialty practice clinical hours:

    • CGN 1250 hr/5 years

    • Include:

      • Total number of hours/week in nursing position

      • Percent of time/number of hours/week directly related to genetic practice

      • Note: Practice hours can be through employment or volunteer service. Facutly can use hours of direct clinical supervision of students for Genetics/Genomics clinical practice.

  • 75 CEUs of genomic content within the past 5 years

    • No pharmacology content required for the CGN

  • Minimum of five (5) professional development genetics or genomic activities within previous 5 years

  • No case studies are required for renewal applications.

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