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About NPCC

The Nurse Portfolio Credentialing Commission (NPCC) is a CMS-recognized national certifying body (as of Jan. 1, 2023) dedicated to promoting professional advancement through credentialing of highly qualified Registered and Advanced Practice nurses.  We believe that the critical role nurses are entrusted with offers a unique opportunity to impact the patient experience and enhance safety. 


Portfolio-based credentialing allows nurses to showcase their unique talents and triumphs in a vast range of clinical settings, allowing underrepresented specialties the chance to recognize individual accomplishments. Outstanding nurses deserve recognition.

If you are interested in portfolio-based credentialing for a nursing specialty not currently offered, click below to contact us.

Awarding nursing excellence in Genomics

Honoring the critical role and responsibility that nurses hold in enhancing the patient experience through assessment, education, and advocacy.  NPCC offers the only specialty nursing certification for Genomic Nurses nationwide.

Currently accepting applications for the following certifications: 

  •  Clinical Genomics Nurse (CGN) 

  • Advanced Clinical Genomics Nurse (ACGN)

  • More coming soon

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Baccalaureate Degree In Nursing Required
  • Document family histories, including pedigrees 

  • Perform genetic focused health assessments 

  • Deliver genomic related plans of care and carry out health care interventions 

  • Provide supportive counseling and make referrals for genetic evaluation and genetic counseling 

  • Provide health teaching with a genomic focus to patients, families, peers and community 

  • Coordinate care with patients, families, and other health care providers, including the community 

Clinical Genomics Nurse (CGN)

Advanced Clinical Genomics Nurse (ACGN)


  • Document detailed family histories, including pedigrees 

  • Perform genomic focused health assessments 

  • Order genetic testing, develop plans of care, initiate health care interventions and make appropriate referrals 

  • Provide counseling to individuals and families about genetic risk 

  • Provide health teaching to patients, families, and communities 

  • Receive referrals from other health care providers to care for patients and families who have conditions influenced by genomic factors 

  • Provide continuing education to other health professionals 

  • Coordinate health care with patients, families, other health care providers, including community resources 

  • Conduct research in nursing and genomics

  • Publish articles for the professional and lay literature

  • Bill insurance companies for reimbursement of patient visits

Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN) with Master's degree or higher in nursing


"To be credentialed as an Advanced Clinical Genomic Nurse, empowers me 

to provide expert level care to the many of individuals and families."

H. Salisbury 


“I feel absolutely privileged to be credentialed in an ever evolving

 specialty of nursing genomics that offers individuals and families in our community access to hereditary cancer risk evaluation as a proactive approach to health promotion.  Thank you so much for providing this recognition and opportunity."

D. Lamp


"Having a certification as an Advanced Clinical Genomic Nurse is a signal to others that I am committed to providing quality care to patients.  It took time to complete the portfolio for credentialing, but I'm so proud of myself! I'm so glad I put in the work to demonstrate my knowledge and experience."

C. Lustig


 "I am so overwhelmed, emotional and am honored to have been awarded

the ACGN designation!"

M. Knowles


"As a nurse practitioner focusing on cancer genetics, I had a goal to 

become credentialed."

C. Snyder


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